Monday, June 30, 2008

Sound - A Person who always makes me feel sound!!

Sound, My ultimate friend!! Though v have hundreds of friends we'll feel better and comfortable only with few.. Though we have many friends with whom we can share our joys, love, affection etc etc only with very few we'd prefer to discuss about our personal issues.. sound as i said earlier she has always made me feel sound, such a lovely person u r.. When i'm in need of advice or when i go wrong many friends give me lectures taking things in their point of view, but then u r the one who see the problem from my position and gimme a solution, don worry werever u go i'll follow u with a bag full of problems wanting u to solve them for me :).. With all the other friends i've had lots to share about my past, since i've met many in later part of my life but u always travelled with my present!! You've been a moral support and a sweet heart rite from my lkg, nearly 19 years of friendship [Note: gals who read this pls don be jealous lolz :)] huh!! long way.. You've been there for me 19*365*24 hrs .. I really owe you a lot!! :) But by now we are going to get separated by distance :( .. Will definitely miss u a lot.. I wish we end up in same branch of TCS :) and don kick me for ending up with TCS :) .. All the very best for ur new profession.. Do well dear!! Finally.,

A Best Friend!
A friend that really cares!
All my secrets i can share!
There when i need a hand!
There to understand!

When i cry!
She will be by!
If i am away!
She will call me day by day!
If i need her at all!
She'll be there to stand tall!
Anything i say will be heard!
She will listen word by word!
If I am late!
She will open the gate!

As she looks in my eyes!
The sparkle she realize!
She is the one that cares!
And the one thats there!

That's a best Friend-- U!!

Friday, June 27, 2008

My Sweet Mom!!

Mom, you're a wonderful mother,So gentle, yet so strong.The many ways you show you care Always make me feel I belong.You're patient when I'm foolish; You give guidance when I ask; It seems you can do most anything; You're the master of every task. You're a dependable source of comfort; You're my cushion when I fall. You help in times of trouble; You support me whenever I call. I love you more than I can express;You have my total respect.You've always been a good friend not only to me but to most of my friends. Luv u sooooooooooo much ma for whatever you are!! :)