Friday, September 26, 2008

Unforgettable School Life!!

I miss those wonderful days in school,
Where lifetime friends were found,
Where i found most of ma everloving brothers,
First day in Our Chotta canteen,
Unforgettable lab sessions ( Broken test tubes n pipettes),
All those meaningful story sessions held by Mrs.Anuradha,
Eventful annual day celebrations,
Fun filled teacher's day celebrations,
Colorful surprises for children's day,
All those kiddish love proposals,
Fighting wit staffs for marks n special classes,
Most scary Campus days,
Science exhibitions were we break our heads for innovative ideas,
Sports competitions were we die for victory,
Planning for months for a week's trip,
Idiotic fights between guys n gals,
All those apology letters written to The Principal :D ,
Endless complaint sessions,
Oratorical n essay writing competitions,
First day in all new bicycle to school,
All those thrilling bike races n accidents ofcourse :D,
So called cycle tests where v come out of hall in d speed of aeroplanes :),
Early mrng naps in tuition centre,
Those exciting moments when v wait for election results,
Finally eventful n memorable FAREWEL (Thank u Juniors!!)
I wish i could get back to school!! :( miss u all!! Miss all fun!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Mr.Marine Engineer!!

Sorry for i've not posted for a long time friends n brothers!! :)
one personality was really bothered about my absence here and yeah as i sd my next post is about u!!

Let me first make my point clear..
A Gal doesnt make brothers for any of ur stupid assumptions like., she doesnt like the guy..the guy is not handsome..the guy doesnt worth 2 be her boyfriend.. she doubts tat the guy may fall in luv wit her 1 day or the other..she likes to hav a secured relationship..wat other assumptions do u all have???

I never quarrel r get into a serious arguement tat easily but then how long would i keep my ears n mouth shut!! Though not all most of the gals would prove u wrong am sure!! And yeah i could prove all ur assumptions wrong if u have time to meet all my brothers!! :) Am a kinda gal who luvs to make brothers.. Being only child at home i've always wanted to have an elder bro n tats the reason behind that(Pls stop assuming things!!)

And Now About the better among the best!!

A Person who had d real patience to manage wit me for years!! A real smart n handsome one of the lot, who deserved the attention of almost all of the gals during school days!!U see i wasnt an exception i do agree!! But then the way this guy quarreled for a dumb reason with Suganya (my friend)..I started hating him!! And Ofcourse i never speak wit any guy who doesnt worth gals!! Am sorry brother u were there in this hit list.. Though i had a gud relationship with ur sister, being in the same class i'd have always had a conversation wit ur neighbour ( And now don tease me for tat :)) but never wit u.. And this went on for a year..And yeah slowly when i happened 2 hear the stories that happened during ur hindi n computer hours from suganya,I really felt bad for being so stupid!! Am really sorry for tat Rajeev.. As said "Better late than never".. And towards the end of school life i guess v had a smooth hi bye kinda relatonship.. And year after leaving the school this brilliant personality kept in touch with my mom but not with me!! he was busy with his new friends, new place, studies n stuff..I still doubt after a year how did u get a sudden thought of mailing me sir?? Anyways past is past!! Today am sure u r such a sweet, loving, caring, affectionate, and a wonderful brother of mine..

One who manages to keep in touch even when he lives on water..
One who managed to travel all d way in chennai traffic jus to meet this little sister..
One who manages to meet me sumwer sumhow even with his busy schedule wen he comes to India..
One who never forgets his chocolate shopping for me while coming to India..
One who's weak in number's yet manages to remember and wish me on my day rite when d clock ticks 12(IST)..
One who never bothers to dturb me wit his cal wenever he gets on land..
One who keeps me informed with anything n everything!! Though i don acknowledge his texts always!!!
One person who does something bk 2 me d moment i do it to him..(U'll realise ths by the end of the post!!)
One person who never asks a WHY watever i say n watever i do..

Every word i say to u will be listened word by word and wenever a related talk comes u manage to reproduce it to me with the exact words!! Great! Am really blessed to have a wonderful bro like u.. Will miss u wen u get on ship again!!! Keep in touch my dear bro and whenevr u get bk here is ur sweet little sister waiting wit open arms for u!! Am Proud of u and happy to have a person like u in ma journey called LIFE :).. Luv u Brother!!

And yeah here is something from him..

hi everyone, i am rajeev ya the same guy from last article..... same one from the hit list!!!
this is the first time i am writing other than in exams so pls bear with me!!!!!!!

allama how to begin la.. naa ok .. i made lot of mistakes in life la ..big one..not communicating.. i realised that at sea where i am all alone la.. so started to talk to ppl.. one by one got hold of my classemates la.. thnx to orkut (this one very good know, the guy who created this, god bless him)
once i started to talk i realised how much i have missed and lost.. how many good friends, bros, sis i have lost! but i am lucky(no singh onli lucky), to get back atleast such personality is one for whom i am writing this..

hey bagvan this girl know i tell u.. a rare species, a kind very hard to find these days.. as u all know i have been in touch with her for onli a few yrs now but she has grown to such special stature for me that i can't explain in words.. she is one of my best friends and also one and onli small si ster for me.. she has a very big heart which is filled with love, which she distributes to all around her.. she tries to entertain ppl around her and makes them feel that they r not alone
a non stop nonsense!! keeps talking!! all my friends call me talkative.. but i go speachless when she starts.......hehehehe :-) i would say i would have done something really good in my last life so get such gr8 friend in this one..

sorry for wiriting the intial part of this note in singalish(national language of singapore)
abi gets little irritated when she hears this ......... hehehehehe..