Friday, November 28, 2008


This mrng I had a cal which started with all smileys n I was all furious 2wards d end.. Am sure tat u visit ma blog regularly n am not gonna mention ya name here.. I really hav much little patience wen ppl question me like u!!

“Nvr tel me tat u r learning software engineering.. Stop wit software, there is a diff btwn u n engineering students!!” This keeps ringing in ma ears rite from mrng.. S my dear so called Engineer!! If any of the other person who had put in all his efforts to get an engineering seat had told me this may be I’d have had much more patience!! U can very well go to the board members, anna univ and ask them to change the structure or d name of d course as u like.. U c I don have d rights to change Software Engineering into Software Something!!!

With all the 95.5 cut off I scored and bein an OC candidate all tat I was able to get in merit n a coll where I wanted to b was this M.Sc Software Engineering Mr.Engineer, and do u think with all tat 49% score n a B.E seat that u have bought out of ya parents money jus to feel proud when ur called as Mr.Engineer (B.E) ,u atleast deserve to talk abt ths to me??

Though u are much younger to me I’ve nvr asked y u don study??? Y u dn score well?? Y u wanted to spare 25 lakhs of hard earned money jus to be called as Mr.Engineer?? When I don bother abt any of ur foolish attitude n decisions wats botherin u of me????? Jus go mind ur Engineering business and never cal me bk again for am not in need of any of ur engineering advices!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Arthur Ashe..

Arthur Ashe, the legendary wimbledon player..

This man was dying of AIDS due to the HIV infected blood given to him during his heart surgery in 1983.. Hearing this his fans from world over wrote to him, one of which questioned "why did GOD choose you for such a bad disease?" and AA replied God selected me as the winner in Wimbledon and I never questioned God 'Why Me?' when i held d cup in ma hand, and now why shd i question him for this??

Am not a person who has all interest in tennis matches.. To be honest excpt for knowing him as the wimbledon player n winner i dunno anythin abt his history in tennis.. But ths man is definitely a person whom i admire at this point for all his faith n belief in himself!!

Most of us are used with the habit of quoting "Yes!! I've made it" Whenever v succeed n "Oh God" when we dont!! Either believe Him both when u meet up with a succes and failure or believe in urself for d same..

Bala And Gayathri!!

Best Wishes!!

I had my semesters interviews n stuff and its really long since I either blogged or even checked ma mails.. Well after a month or so with no interest I was deleting all the mails that were piled up in ma inbox were I happened to notice a wedding invitation from Bala and Gayathri.. I am sorry that I wasn’t able to attend ya call bala neither I noticed ya invitation..

I really missed being there to share ur happiness.. U both have made better choices in life, stood strong n d battle field n finally u guys have succeeded.. I feel happy n proud abt both of ur love, sincerity and dedication.. I Wish u both stay same throughout and shall pray for the same..

Back With Blogging!!

Hey all,

Sorry was caught up with ma semesters,uncle's weddin, project hunting n stuffs so couldnt blog regularly.. Anyways now am all vetti round d clock tot i'd put a pause to all ma important activities (eating, sleepin, chattin, freekin out etc etc) n start bk wit ma blogging n here it goes!!!! Spl thanks to all those who bothered to ask "abi y no blogging nowadays? Do something!!".. Back to write all :) and :( stories jus for u who nvr gets tired of listening to me..

Friday, September 26, 2008

Unforgettable School Life!!

I miss those wonderful days in school,
Where lifetime friends were found,
Where i found most of ma everloving brothers,
First day in Our Chotta canteen,
Unforgettable lab sessions ( Broken test tubes n pipettes),
All those meaningful story sessions held by Mrs.Anuradha,
Eventful annual day celebrations,
Fun filled teacher's day celebrations,
Colorful surprises for children's day,
All those kiddish love proposals,
Fighting wit staffs for marks n special classes,
Most scary Campus days,
Science exhibitions were we break our heads for innovative ideas,
Sports competitions were we die for victory,
Planning for months for a week's trip,
Idiotic fights between guys n gals,
All those apology letters written to The Principal :D ,
Endless complaint sessions,
Oratorical n essay writing competitions,
First day in all new bicycle to school,
All those thrilling bike races n accidents ofcourse :D,
So called cycle tests where v come out of hall in d speed of aeroplanes :),
Early mrng naps in tuition centre,
Those exciting moments when v wait for election results,
Finally eventful n memorable FAREWEL (Thank u Juniors!!)
I wish i could get back to school!! :( miss u all!! Miss all fun!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Mr.Marine Engineer!!

Sorry for i've not posted for a long time friends n brothers!! :)
one personality was really bothered about my absence here and yeah as i sd my next post is about u!!

Let me first make my point clear..
A Gal doesnt make brothers for any of ur stupid assumptions like., she doesnt like the guy..the guy is not handsome..the guy doesnt worth 2 be her boyfriend.. she doubts tat the guy may fall in luv wit her 1 day or the other..she likes to hav a secured relationship..wat other assumptions do u all have???

I never quarrel r get into a serious arguement tat easily but then how long would i keep my ears n mouth shut!! Though not all most of the gals would prove u wrong am sure!! And yeah i could prove all ur assumptions wrong if u have time to meet all my brothers!! :) Am a kinda gal who luvs to make brothers.. Being only child at home i've always wanted to have an elder bro n tats the reason behind that(Pls stop assuming things!!)

And Now About the better among the best!!

A Person who had d real patience to manage wit me for years!! A real smart n handsome one of the lot, who deserved the attention of almost all of the gals during school days!!U see i wasnt an exception i do agree!! But then the way this guy quarreled for a dumb reason with Suganya (my friend)..I started hating him!! And Ofcourse i never speak wit any guy who doesnt worth gals!! Am sorry brother u were there in this hit list.. Though i had a gud relationship with ur sister, being in the same class i'd have always had a conversation wit ur neighbour ( And now don tease me for tat :)) but never wit u.. And this went on for a year..And yeah slowly when i happened 2 hear the stories that happened during ur hindi n computer hours from suganya,I really felt bad for being so stupid!! Am really sorry for tat Rajeev.. As said "Better late than never".. And towards the end of school life i guess v had a smooth hi bye kinda relatonship.. And year after leaving the school this brilliant personality kept in touch with my mom but not with me!! he was busy with his new friends, new place, studies n stuff..I still doubt after a year how did u get a sudden thought of mailing me sir?? Anyways past is past!! Today am sure u r such a sweet, loving, caring, affectionate, and a wonderful brother of mine..

One who manages to keep in touch even when he lives on water..
One who managed to travel all d way in chennai traffic jus to meet this little sister..
One who manages to meet me sumwer sumhow even with his busy schedule wen he comes to India..
One who never forgets his chocolate shopping for me while coming to India..
One who's weak in number's yet manages to remember and wish me on my day rite when d clock ticks 12(IST)..
One who never bothers to dturb me wit his cal wenever he gets on land..
One who keeps me informed with anything n everything!! Though i don acknowledge his texts always!!!
One person who does something bk 2 me d moment i do it to him..(U'll realise ths by the end of the post!!)
One person who never asks a WHY watever i say n watever i do..

Every word i say to u will be listened word by word and wenever a related talk comes u manage to reproduce it to me with the exact words!! Great! Am really blessed to have a wonderful bro like u.. Will miss u wen u get on ship again!!! Keep in touch my dear bro and whenevr u get bk here is ur sweet little sister waiting wit open arms for u!! Am Proud of u and happy to have a person like u in ma journey called LIFE :).. Luv u Brother!!

And yeah here is something from him..

hi everyone, i am rajeev ya the same guy from last article..... same one from the hit list!!!
this is the first time i am writing other than in exams so pls bear with me!!!!!!!

allama how to begin la.. naa ok .. i made lot of mistakes in life la ..big one..not communicating.. i realised that at sea where i am all alone la.. so started to talk to ppl.. one by one got hold of my classemates la.. thnx to orkut (this one very good know, the guy who created this, god bless him)
once i started to talk i realised how much i have missed and lost.. how many good friends, bros, sis i have lost! but i am lucky(no singh onli lucky), to get back atleast such personality is one for whom i am writing this..

hey bagvan this girl know i tell u.. a rare species, a kind very hard to find these days.. as u all know i have been in touch with her for onli a few yrs now but she has grown to such special stature for me that i can't explain in words.. she is one of my best friends and also one and onli small si ster for me.. she has a very big heart which is filled with love, which she distributes to all around her.. she tries to entertain ppl around her and makes them feel that they r not alone
a non stop nonsense!! keeps talking!! all my friends call me talkative.. but i go speachless when she starts.......hehehehe :-) i would say i would have done something really good in my last life so get such gr8 friend in this one..

sorry for wiriting the intial part of this note in singalish(national language of singapore)
abi gets little irritated when she hears this ......... hehehehehe..

Friday, July 18, 2008

Why Do Ppl Fall In Love??

Why do people fall in love??

A Serious and Unanswered Question!!!!

Jus think for a moment..

Don’t you thank someone who cares for you??

Don’t you thank someone who helps you in times of need??

Don’t you thank someone who engages you when you feel lonely??

Don’t you thank someone when they give their shoulders to you when you cry??

Don’t you thank someone when they give you all joy??

We thank people even for small things they do for us!!

Just because our parents are always around its really not fair to forget about things they do for us!! We owe them a looot!!

Would the word thanks fill their heart for doing all this??

They spare their lifetime working for us, caring about us and what not for us??

When they knew about all your needs wont they even satisfy this need??

I agree with the point that u know what u expect better than them but still why not u tell u’r parents what u expect when u can do that to ur gal/boy friend??

I never mean to say am against love or u shouldn’t fall in love..

I mean to say never fall in love just because some of ur expectations seem to be fulfilled.. who knows u’r parents choice might be better than u’rs.. and u wanna miss that jus cos u cant wait for some more time??

When u cant give up certain things for u’r parents sake it is definitely not fair to complaint that parents are against love!!

If u have much of time to spare, money to spend and things to share y not u do it with u’r parents r friends?? Do u need something named love for all this??

Pls do think about things before you dare to say “I love u” to someone!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Frenz At CSS!! Thank u all!!

It has been a yr since i met all u ppl!! For a gal who stayed out of home for the first time u ppl had shown another world!! I nvr knew frens would make the world a better place to live in until i met u all!! I owe u all more than what a thanks would say!!

My first n foremost thanks to Girija ka.. Without u i'd not have been there ka thanks for being such a lovely n responsible sister!!

My sincere thanks to Mr.Anand!! I never knew that a senior manager would be such a good care taker even when it comes to a project trainee.. I still remember d amount of care n effort u had put in even about the food i eat n water i drink!! Hem's ppl n Girija ka's ppl never end up their conversation without saying Anand said "u r a smart little gal and ppl shd be sincere at work like u".. Thanks a looooot to u and Mr.Saravanan..

Jenny!! Wow!! wat an awesome friend u r!! In those very few months v had shared things about our families, frens, school life, college life, bla bla bla.. any topic that we've left? i don think so!! Its nearly 8 months since i came out from there but still u don forget to drop ur mails regularly n acknowledge me that u havent forgotten me.. Luv u Jenny!!

Karps!! I would tell u took up the position of my mom when i was ther.. am not exaggerating!! U were tooooooo good and u'll nvr be forgotten til my last breath i can assure u that.. But then u'r so busy that u cannot even attend my calls.. But its a diff issue later u drop a sorry msg :) Luv u Karps!!

Kums!! Though i dint have a better start with you, u wer my very gud fren at the end.. Either be it to my bay, rest room , pantry, cafeteria r wherevr i cal u n whenevr u've nvr got tired of helping me.. Once in a while i get rocking sms's!! Keep them going!! Thanks a lot kums luv u!!!

Mushi!! Though not a gud fren wen i was ther, today u r!! Thanks a loot that u valued the presence of this little gal :)..

Bala!! A great fren who's been with me when i went thro hard times.. U've put me at a rite path at the rite time.. Thanks for being a gud fren and a gud brother!! Luv u brother!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Thank U, Lord!!

A grateful heart is all that you need
to let God know that you are pleased.

When you are thankful for things you have been blessed,
remember to thank God first before anyone else.

When things turn out the way you want them to,
clasp your hands in gratitude to God to whom credit is due.

When you're at peace and contented, thank God in silence,
for no one else in the world could have given you that solace.

When you pray for amenities and don't get what you expect,
thank Him just the same with all due respect.

Times when you're bestowed the things you have not sought,
thank God cheerfully for possibilities you have not thought.

Sometimes you'll receive some things you most need,
thank God for not waiting your call and for taking heed.

At other times you ask God for things you need to live,
understand the long wait 'cause He knows when to give.

Thank God promptly for daily desires granted,
even if these do not come in the amounts wanted.

God knows what you need or what you want,
so thank Him with relief for deciding what to grant.

When you escape a mishap thank God in a snap,
Praise Him for His goodness, shout His Name and cheer up.

When you're hard up and don't know what to do,
thank God for trusting that you can get through.

During days of tribulations when you almost give up,
try thanking God you'll see, your troubles will ease up.

Thanking God in a few words is worth a thousand praises shouted.
It's enough to lighten your load when you need to tread the road.

When you want to pray and don't know what to say,
oftentimes a "Thank you, Lord" is just enough to make your day.

Therefore, give thanks and give your best thanks always,
and leave it all to God to understand what's more.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Sound - A Person who always makes me feel sound!!

Sound, My ultimate friend!! Though v have hundreds of friends we'll feel better and comfortable only with few.. Though we have many friends with whom we can share our joys, love, affection etc etc only with very few we'd prefer to discuss about our personal issues.. sound as i said earlier she has always made me feel sound, such a lovely person u r.. When i'm in need of advice or when i go wrong many friends give me lectures taking things in their point of view, but then u r the one who see the problem from my position and gimme a solution, don worry werever u go i'll follow u with a bag full of problems wanting u to solve them for me :).. With all the other friends i've had lots to share about my past, since i've met many in later part of my life but u always travelled with my present!! You've been a moral support and a sweet heart rite from my lkg, nearly 19 years of friendship [Note: gals who read this pls don be jealous lolz :)] huh!! long way.. You've been there for me 19*365*24 hrs .. I really owe you a lot!! :) But by now we are going to get separated by distance :( .. Will definitely miss u a lot.. I wish we end up in same branch of TCS :) and don kick me for ending up with TCS :) .. All the very best for ur new profession.. Do well dear!! Finally.,

A Best Friend!
A friend that really cares!
All my secrets i can share!
There when i need a hand!
There to understand!

When i cry!
She will be by!
If i am away!
She will call me day by day!
If i need her at all!
She'll be there to stand tall!
Anything i say will be heard!
She will listen word by word!
If I am late!
She will open the gate!

As she looks in my eyes!
The sparkle she realize!
She is the one that cares!
And the one thats there!

That's a best Friend-- U!!

Friday, June 27, 2008

My Sweet Mom!!

Mom, you're a wonderful mother,So gentle, yet so strong.The many ways you show you care Always make me feel I belong.You're patient when I'm foolish; You give guidance when I ask; It seems you can do most anything; You're the master of every task. You're a dependable source of comfort; You're my cushion when I fall. You help in times of trouble; You support me whenever I call. I love you more than I can express;You have my total respect.You've always been a good friend not only to me but to most of my friends. Luv u sooooooooooo much ma for whatever you are!! :)