Friday, September 26, 2008

Unforgettable School Life!!

I miss those wonderful days in school,
Where lifetime friends were found,
Where i found most of ma everloving brothers,
First day in Our Chotta canteen,
Unforgettable lab sessions ( Broken test tubes n pipettes),
All those meaningful story sessions held by Mrs.Anuradha,
Eventful annual day celebrations,
Fun filled teacher's day celebrations,
Colorful surprises for children's day,
All those kiddish love proposals,
Fighting wit staffs for marks n special classes,
Most scary Campus days,
Science exhibitions were we break our heads for innovative ideas,
Sports competitions were we die for victory,
Planning for months for a week's trip,
Idiotic fights between guys n gals,
All those apology letters written to The Principal :D ,
Endless complaint sessions,
Oratorical n essay writing competitions,
First day in all new bicycle to school,
All those thrilling bike races n accidents ofcourse :D,
So called cycle tests where v come out of hall in d speed of aeroplanes :),
Early mrng naps in tuition centre,
Those exciting moments when v wait for election results,
Finally eventful n memorable FAREWEL (Thank u Juniors!!)
I wish i could get back to school!! :( miss u all!! Miss all fun!!

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