Thursday, July 17, 2008

Frenz At CSS!! Thank u all!!

It has been a yr since i met all u ppl!! For a gal who stayed out of home for the first time u ppl had shown another world!! I nvr knew frens would make the world a better place to live in until i met u all!! I owe u all more than what a thanks would say!!

My first n foremost thanks to Girija ka.. Without u i'd not have been there ka thanks for being such a lovely n responsible sister!!

My sincere thanks to Mr.Anand!! I never knew that a senior manager would be such a good care taker even when it comes to a project trainee.. I still remember d amount of care n effort u had put in even about the food i eat n water i drink!! Hem's ppl n Girija ka's ppl never end up their conversation without saying Anand said "u r a smart little gal and ppl shd be sincere at work like u".. Thanks a looooot to u and Mr.Saravanan..

Jenny!! Wow!! wat an awesome friend u r!! In those very few months v had shared things about our families, frens, school life, college life, bla bla bla.. any topic that we've left? i don think so!! Its nearly 8 months since i came out from there but still u don forget to drop ur mails regularly n acknowledge me that u havent forgotten me.. Luv u Jenny!!

Karps!! I would tell u took up the position of my mom when i was ther.. am not exaggerating!! U were tooooooo good and u'll nvr be forgotten til my last breath i can assure u that.. But then u'r so busy that u cannot even attend my calls.. But its a diff issue later u drop a sorry msg :) Luv u Karps!!

Kums!! Though i dint have a better start with you, u wer my very gud fren at the end.. Either be it to my bay, rest room , pantry, cafeteria r wherevr i cal u n whenevr u've nvr got tired of helping me.. Once in a while i get rocking sms's!! Keep them going!! Thanks a lot kums luv u!!!

Mushi!! Though not a gud fren wen i was ther, today u r!! Thanks a loot that u valued the presence of this little gal :)..

Bala!! A great fren who's been with me when i went thro hard times.. U've put me at a rite path at the rite time.. Thanks for being a gud fren and a gud brother!! Luv u brother!!

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