Friday, July 18, 2008

Why Do Ppl Fall In Love??

Why do people fall in love??

A Serious and Unanswered Question!!!!

Jus think for a moment..

Don’t you thank someone who cares for you??

Don’t you thank someone who helps you in times of need??

Don’t you thank someone who engages you when you feel lonely??

Don’t you thank someone when they give their shoulders to you when you cry??

Don’t you thank someone when they give you all joy??

We thank people even for small things they do for us!!

Just because our parents are always around its really not fair to forget about things they do for us!! We owe them a looot!!

Would the word thanks fill their heart for doing all this??

They spare their lifetime working for us, caring about us and what not for us??

When they knew about all your needs wont they even satisfy this need??

I agree with the point that u know what u expect better than them but still why not u tell u’r parents what u expect when u can do that to ur gal/boy friend??

I never mean to say am against love or u shouldn’t fall in love..

I mean to say never fall in love just because some of ur expectations seem to be fulfilled.. who knows u’r parents choice might be better than u’rs.. and u wanna miss that jus cos u cant wait for some more time??

When u cant give up certain things for u’r parents sake it is definitely not fair to complaint that parents are against love!!

If u have much of time to spare, money to spend and things to share y not u do it with u’r parents r friends?? Do u need something named love for all this??

Pls do think about things before you dare to say “I love u” to someone!

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hari said...

awesome points buddy..
happy 2 keep as sis..
nice thinking against fake relationship