Thursday, November 27, 2008

Arthur Ashe..

Arthur Ashe, the legendary wimbledon player..

This man was dying of AIDS due to the HIV infected blood given to him during his heart surgery in 1983.. Hearing this his fans from world over wrote to him, one of which questioned "why did GOD choose you for such a bad disease?" and AA replied God selected me as the winner in Wimbledon and I never questioned God 'Why Me?' when i held d cup in ma hand, and now why shd i question him for this??

Am not a person who has all interest in tennis matches.. To be honest excpt for knowing him as the wimbledon player n winner i dunno anythin abt his history in tennis.. But ths man is definitely a person whom i admire at this point for all his faith n belief in himself!!

Most of us are used with the habit of quoting "Yes!! I've made it" Whenever v succeed n "Oh God" when we dont!! Either believe Him both when u meet up with a succes and failure or believe in urself for d same..


mushi said...

Nice topic to choose we should not loose belief on ourselves .... LOL

Abi said...