Friday, November 28, 2008


This mrng I had a cal which started with all smileys n I was all furious 2wards d end.. Am sure tat u visit ma blog regularly n am not gonna mention ya name here.. I really hav much little patience wen ppl question me like u!!

“Nvr tel me tat u r learning software engineering.. Stop wit software, there is a diff btwn u n engineering students!!” This keeps ringing in ma ears rite from mrng.. S my dear so called Engineer!! If any of the other person who had put in all his efforts to get an engineering seat had told me this may be I’d have had much more patience!! U can very well go to the board members, anna univ and ask them to change the structure or d name of d course as u like.. U c I don have d rights to change Software Engineering into Software Something!!!

With all the 95.5 cut off I scored and bein an OC candidate all tat I was able to get in merit n a coll where I wanted to b was this M.Sc Software Engineering Mr.Engineer, and do u think with all tat 49% score n a B.E seat that u have bought out of ya parents money jus to feel proud when ur called as Mr.Engineer (B.E) ,u atleast deserve to talk abt ths to me??

Though u are much younger to me I’ve nvr asked y u don study??? Y u dn score well?? Y u wanted to spare 25 lakhs of hard earned money jus to be called as Mr.Engineer?? When I don bother abt any of ur foolish attitude n decisions wats botherin u of me????? Jus go mind ur Engineering business and never cal me bk again for am not in need of any of ur engineering advices!!!

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