Friday, April 17, 2009



"Indha padatha rendu vaati theatre la paathiya?? R u Mad??"
May be YES!! Am mad abt Surya?? :P, and am gettin ready for the third time too :)..

"Mokka Movie"
Yeah!! It'd seem so for u guys who enjoy watchin dumb movies of Mr.VIJAY!!

"Surya shdnt have chosen to act with Tamanna, It wud have been better if it was...??"
When it is not me i don mind whoeva plays the role of surya's pair there :D

"The script is copied from 'catch me if tou can'.."
Isn't it all abt cheque forgery n stuff???? If u had found a tint of it in ayyan then may be u had seen the movie wit the intension of finding faults wit it..

"Indha padathla Prabhu dhan hero, surya dummy!!"
Other than bein kind to surya i din find anythin spl abt prabhu's character n ya comment doest even worth to be explained!!!

I don understand y u guys r sooo happy abt findin faults wit a surya movie!!
If u cud be happy wit all that heroisms of Mr.Super star, all that non stop nonsense of Mr.Vijay why not i be happy wit Surya's movies??!!


mushi said...

Abi dis movie i lik so many things .... ba lemme tel three things

1. Narrating 'Catch Me If U Can' movie in Local Chennai Flavour.
2. Pala pala song Africa dance steps.
3. Suriya.

Abi said...

:)thank u mushi. but i'd still not accept the catch me if u can point

prem_freakout said...
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prem said...

Compared to Vijay's Senseless films,,Ayan s far far better.. esp dose smuggling scenes r good..

Suganya said...

I didn't watch Ayan movie... Hope i ll not .... but am sure tat suriya's movies are far better than Dr.Vijay's mokkai movies.....

Abi said...

Prem n Sug : luv u both!! :) anbarndha vijay rasigargalae!! ippo pesunga..