Thursday, April 9, 2009

Party Time!!

Get up around 5 a.m in d mrng give tuition for children till 8 a.m, get ready n go on wit ma project work til evening, sit wit students again from 6 p.m til 10.30 p.m, have dinner n leave to bed around 11 p.m.. this has been My routine work Since January ’09 till date..

For someone who was sitting all vetti at home, eating n sleepin during the whole of nov n dec, this routine was super cool n I jus luvd abt the fact that am kept engaged round the clock.. but how long did I enjoy working?? May be til march r sumthn.. and there came april where I started hating this machine like work routine, started missin all those happiest n funfilled moments..

And here is the list of what all I was missin!! Early mrng chit chat wit amma in kitchen, all those 100’s of sms’s tat gets shared everyday, all those ‘so boring!! Mokka fone calls’, all those evening freak outs, moonlight dinner, evening fights wit dad, mid-night chattings, community meets, surfing, long drives, orkutting,jus like tat shoppings, blogging n wat not!!

Now that project is nearing completion and all students have done wit their exams, hurray!! Long awaited day!! Party time!! J

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