Friday, April 17, 2009

Life cant be soooo Boring!!

April 9 - Lunch, drive, cafe!!
April 10- Ayyan, drive, dinner, farm house!!
April 11- Shopping, drive, boom, cafe!!
April 12- Spent all time sleepin @ home and chamatha did ma document work..
April 13- Ayyan, Cafe, drive..
April 14- Whole day with mom n dad in temple..
April 15- 3 document reviews in a single day!!
April 16- Atlast i had done wit doc and slept for the rest of the day!!
April 17- Travelled to a temple arnd 100 kms away from my place!!

Inspite of all this if am still bored??? :(


hari said...

jobless ppls 1ly have tis kind of schedules.. :)

abi said...

Adaengappa!! Naan JOBLESS nu oorukkae theriyum! :D